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Published - 06/24/2022|Reading time - 1 min 39 sec

As we are all well aware, the internet and its centralized solutions that have taken a turn into the “cloud” for the functionalities required within, e.g., the Internet of Things (IoT) deployment. Present certain issues when trying to control the services. This is why decentralized service control is on the rise, offering a better solution to those offered by centralized services.

A decentralized network that provides the tools to assure control over the services implemented in smart cities and houses, hospitals, or urban transportation can be created through our Eden System network. A decentralized Internet of Everything (IoE) solution offering curated frameworks for each specific necessity, as traffic lights, house sensors, and actuators.

By accessing our IoE network, you can create your own tailored decentralized service control, that will focus on the core requirements of your service needs. This allows you as a user to access the different aspects of the Eden System, like our decentralized blockchain solution, to store and manage data inside an immutable and quantum safe tunnel, acting as a data walled garden.

Such an implementation also brings to the equation a sustainable and scalable solution that is easy to use and focused on a human-first architectural approach. Which increases the speed and security for your service environment, and strives away from the issues centralized solutions offer at present.

What you gain by creating a decentralized service control with IoE Corp’s Eden, is an accumulation of solutions pivoting through all your services and actioning via the nodes connected to it. With, as mentioned, quantum secure tunneling that makes your service control be one step ahead. The ease of use that our technological solutions present creates seamless service control.

In essence, decentralized service control is driven by an infrastructure based on Edge Computing that in turn gives rise to the upper layer of the Internet of Things, i.e., the Internet of Everything. A natural evolution that in logical terms has to be set as a decentralized network where distributed computing provides services locally instead of centrally.

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